Our philosophy

Know-HowSuperior quality translations through technical expertise

Our translators are students of engineering, electrical engineering, computer sciences, or other technical fields, or they hold degrees in these fields. Therefore, they are experts in technical terminology and have an in-depth understanding of technical concepts. In addition, they are also native speakers of the target language, which guarantees excellent translation results even for highly specialised and complex technical texts.

PreiseStudent prices

Compared to the usual student jobs, our student translators receive a high renumeration for their work, seeing that they carry out complex translation tasks. Since students generally tend to have low overhead costs (e.g. because they live in shared accommodation), we are able to offer lower translation rates than other translation agencies. Our philosophy has been very well received by companies and students alike.

IngenieursausbildungPassion and drive

Our student translators take pride in their translation work, as it enables them to apply their skills in the business world and gain work experience as well as make money to support themselves.

elinga GmbHAbout elinga

elinga was founded in 2006 as a technical translation agency, specialising in superior quality technical translations by native speakers and technical experts.

The idea of elinga was born when the founders of the company were looking for a suitable translation agency for a complex technical manual, and traditional translation agencies were incapable of delivering the quality they had promised.

As a technical translation agency, elinga employs competent native speakers with engineering backgrounds who have excellent understanding of technical texts and concepts.

elinga GmbHOffices

United Kingdom (London)

Portland House
Bressenden Place
London, SW1E 5RS
Phone: +44 - (0)20 8720 6654

Germany (Stuttgart)

elinga GmbH
Karl-Müller-Str. 16/1
71409 Schwaikheim (near Stuttgart)
Phone: +49-(0)7195 - 2 09 31 01
E-mail: See UK office

Managing Director: Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Ebert (MSME)
District Court Stuttgart, company registration number: HRB 721205